An unforgettable journey, an unforgettable evening.

Almost 15 years ago I started the fan site . The idea came to me because I was excited to find out if there are still any Jason Donovan fans out there. I wanted to come up with a space where fans could share their hobby and find as many information as possible about Jason.

Facebook & Co. were still in their infancy and so a fan page seemed to me to be a great place to fill with life.

And lo and behold ... In the meantime I have known Jana and Andreas, among others, since 2007. The astonishing thing is that despite their blindness they are very active and are involved everywhere in everyday life. I admire this very much.

In the summer of 2018 the two had their big day and got married. I took this opportunity to hopefully make a very special wedding present to them. It succeeded. But read for yourself:

At the beginning of March 2019, the two of them set off on a journey to England to fulfil a dream: Experience Jason live on stage.

On 9 March 2019 it did happen. The two had already arrived in the UK three days before.

And here's their report:

After a last dinner in the pub ″Angel Hotel ″ Andreas and I arrived punctually at 7 pm at the Pavilion theatre. The staff already knew that Jana wanted to meet Jason backstage. We were already at the venue in the afternoon because we originally got the information that Jason was best met before the show by being there early and waiting for his arrival at the stage door. But then we were told that Jason would arrive just before the start of his show.

Jana's nervousness increased from minute to minute. The wait became longer and longer, because one of the staff members mentioned above wanted to get in touch first. We asked ourselves whether the person in charge could not have been called faster via mobile phone, no! The employee at the entrance wanted to let her know in person. Many other guests passed us and we thought: ″This won't work out today!″

Finally Loreen from merchandise and Jason came up to us at 7:25 pm just before the show. The words rightly placed in Jana's head did not come out. He asked us many questions about how we were doing and how we got to England just to meet him. Due to all the excitement Jana could hardly answer him, so Andi and Brian (note Rike: Janas and Andreas' assistant for the blind) had to help out. When Jason noticed how excited Jana was, he calmed her down. Andi asked him a lot of questions. Jason also wanted to know a lot about us. Like whether we're blind from birth. We got the impression that he was really looking forward to seeing us. He was absolutely fascinated by the fact that disabled people dare such a long journey.

Jana's blind stick attracted and enthused him the most. At first he tried to imitate walking movements in a playful way, but he rather waved it around wildly and had a lot of fun with it.

Jana then told him that she had been a fan of his brilliant music since she was 11 years old. She is incredibly proud that he has defeated his drug addiction and that he is a great and honest person and has a great family. Then we had Brian to take a picture of us all together.

Jana Jason Andreas

Jason was amazed at Jana's talking smartphone. Jana had taken some Jason utensils with her for signing. We finally managed to get him to sign her bottle opener. Since he wanted Jana to be able to feel the signature forever, he really thought about it. A pen would never have been palpable. That's why he ″scratched″ his name with our assistant's room key.

At 7:30 pm Jason's show finally started. Jason was hoping that we wouldn't be too shocked by his evening. The 500 fans listened to his stories with great excitement. He has brought it all across so honestly, humorously and sympathetically. Our Brian laughed so much, even he thought Jason was a great person. In between he also showed some video footage. The video in which he showed an excerpt from the time of his voice problems was the most powerful one that appealed to us.

At 10:15 pm he finished his biography with some songs like ″ Too Many Broken Hearts″, ″Any Dream Will Do″ and ″Sealed With A Kiss″.

We decided to return to the UK for a concert of him next year.

Back in the B&B we felt all in one: tired, happy and exhausted.

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